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I met a fantastic couple the other week! Chris and Margi and they are loved by their 10 year old English Cocker Spaniel, Mabel. We ventured off to Minnewaska State Park in Kerhonsin, NY which is Chris and Margi's absolute favourite place to hike when they are here on the weekends. We started at about 5:00pm in the hopes of finding a beautiful light that would envelope Ms Mabel. We started by heading toward the falls as I knew the light there would be the first to go and I wanted to get some pretty shots of her on the rocks with the falls in the background. The clouds did not cooperate for the shots I had in mind, but we still got some great ones. We then headed back to the cars for a short drive to the upper part of the Park and Minnewaska Lake. I had scouted the area previously and knew exactly where I wanted to capture her beautiful soul full eyes and incorporate the gorgeous scenery as well. Mabel was an absolute trooper with her fantastic sit stay and her youthful, sweet spirit. She made the whole experience an absolute pleasure. Chris and Margi were great and enjoyed watching their best friend soak in the limelight and enjoy my camera (and the cooked chicken). My favorite (and theirs) shot of the whole day ended up being put onto a 20x30 metal and it was the very last shot of the day! Margi simply loved Mabels expression and the Catskills in the background.

Minnewaska State Park
Mabel at Minnewaska State Park

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