• Judy Curran


So I had an opportunity to shoot reveal images this last weekend. I had so much fun! Christina the mum and I met up and went shopping for props!!!! I came up with ideas and all we had to do was buy the props and implement them into the shoot. We laughed and giggled the WHOLE time we were out together!

We decided on a day and a time and went for it! The weather was iffy, cloudy and unpredictable - nightmare for photographers, but as we all do....we work with what we have. The first shots the sun was high in the sky and wasn't supposed to keep coming out but it did! Christina's brother in laws were absolutely ahhhmazing and held up scrimms and reflectors and were champion carriers of all things. I want to seriously hire them for more shoots!!!

We had five different 'scenes' with different props and we took our time and played and had fun so James, the big bro, didn't get stressed. Our last location was a beautiful spot with the Catskills in the background. We were early for the sunset and I tried desperately to talk them all into coming back in an hour as it looked like it was going to be GORG! I had my off camera flash all set up and ready to go......young James tho was toast and I get it...totally understand.....but what we did get was so amazing!!!!!

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