• Judy Curran

Remy & Shelby

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Oh my GOSH! These two little lovelies absolutely stole my heart! Shelby is a girl and Remy is a boy. Both from the same litter and couldn't be more different from each other! In the short time I spent with them it was obvious that Remy was one of those 'old souls'. I kept forgetting he was a puppy! No goofy puppy stuff for him! He and his owner, Emma are about to embark on a special relationship and I'm so looking forward to watching their progress as time goes on. Shelby was more of a goofy, giddy, funny puppy. Her attention span was as most puppies, busy somewhere else! She is going to be a lovely dog and one her owners will enjoy for years. My most favourite photo of the whole shoot was this one.

The start of a beautiful relationship
Young Love

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