• Judy Curran

Hudson - gone to the dogs

I have started on a project that is close to my heart. Photographing dogs that have been rescued and are happy in their homes. The goal is to bring additional attention to how they have affected their new owners lives. I put out a model call last year and had over thirty inquiries. Then I became busy with paying clients which is generally needed to keep a business afloat! My original thought was to capture dogs in and around the beautiful town of Hudson, NY. Hence the photo of Derek on a skateboard outside of the Mexican Radio on Warren Street. This idea will be my second book! Whilst I loved the idea, the logistics in making it happen, may have been a little lofty. The shoots have to be early or late in the day, weather permitting and a volunteer assistant would be crucial.

I have been shooting on white or black backgrounds a lot lately and I simply love how the image becomes all about the dog, no distractions. So I changed my goals. I secured a friends re-furbished barn just outside of Hudson and I have been photographing these gorgeous, beautiful loves for a couple of weeks. I still have more to do and I am in my happy place. Now to dive into the next steps of putting it together and publishing it.

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