• Judy Curran

Hudson - Gone to the dogs

So this happened. I have been playing around with this idea in my head for a couple of years. I put out a model call just yesterday on social media and boom! The response has been absolutely fantastic. I want to focus on rescues. We often see images of them before they get adopted and few of them once they are happy in their new home. I walked up and down Warren Street yesterday and plucked up courage to approach a few of the businesses. I would like to be able to photograph dogs in the stores, particularly the antique shops. We would obviously protect the furniture and be very mindful. I would use one or two dogs per shoot only so it wouldn't be too crazy. There are so many wonderful areas outside in Hudson too. I have many in mind already! I have one dog who skateboards and I plan on creating an image of him in the middle of Warren Street with scarf flying and the whole of the street with it's fantastic architecture in the background. I know I can do it and can't wait to try!

I hadn't anticipated all of the marvelous stories that are being included in the applications. These dogs have been through so much and still they trust us! I simply can't wait to put them in front of my lens and make them sparkle for the world to see!

Special thanks to CAROLE OSTERINK editor of for helping me to spread the word and to Michael and Andrew of Finch for being the first business to kickstart my project. If you live in the area and know of a rescue that might be interested please spread the word! I'll keep posting as we go on!

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