• Judy Curran

home! - finally

I have been a little absent for a while! I was in England helping my mum who was really poorly after a major surgery for two months. While I was there my sister and I organized putting her house on the market. It sold within 24 hours! I was back home in New York for a month and then returned for another month to organize and move her to her new place. So happy, one floor and help if she needs it! I was back a week and left for my nephews wedding in Croatia. Now I am home and I promised never to ever leave my dogs again! I have so many exciting photography projects in the pipes and I simply can't wait to get started and share them all with you! I feel as though I have been on hold since April! I was so privileged to have been able to be there for my mum and will be forever grateful for our very special time together. Love you Mama!

Punch Puppy
Finally! You are home!

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