• Judy Curran

Digital art

One of my favourite things to do is digitally paint multiple photographs into one composition. I have done a few for people who have lost their faithful companion of many years. Whilst heartbreaking, I get very special satisfaction from creating something that is emotional and very meaningful for their owners. RIP Freddie, Siena and Tripp

This was created for a local vets office. I printed it onto metal and it looks stunning.

I took several shots of this good looking Malinois. The original photo was of him smiling with his tongue out. I wanted more of a 'badass' look to the digital artwork and so I switched him out with one of him looking more serious.

This is a composition of three different photo's - I have it printed and in a barnsiding frame on my mantlepiece at home.

I took this on Boxing Day in Broadway in the Cotswolds. I painted it and put the hunt in front of one of my favourite places, the village of Snowshill.

I will often receive snapshots that are quite dark and where the background takes away from the subjects. This presented quite a challenge. The border collie looked unhappy with her ear bent back. As it was so dark - much of the detail was lost and I had to paint it back in while guessing their expressions.

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